30 June 2022.

TO:     The POPCOM Secretariat

Deputy Executive Director, Executive Assistant and Technical Action Officer, support staff for the Office of the Executive Director, Senior Central Office managers (Division Chiefs and staff of PMED, PDDMD, KMCD, AD, FMD and CDFOD); POPCOM Regional Population Offices through the Offices of the Regional Director and all regional staff, senior advisers, all contract of service and job order personnel, technical and administrative contractors supporting POPCOM; local population, health, social work and education and other LGU staff, accredited CSO partners and member-agencies of the POPCOM Board of Commissioners

The POPCOM secretariat from 2013 to 2022 sailed through the uncharted waters of the implementation of the RPRH Law and its inclusion in the 0-10 point socio economic agenda of the Philippine Development Plan 2017-2022. The Secretariat also implemented new harmonized and joint guidelines for the National Program on Family Planning in 2016-2019, bringing it to even greater heights of achievement in the 2020-2022 period of public health and economic crises.  

The Secretariat faced the challenge of rising adolescent pregnancies during the last decade, bringing the matter to the top of mind of the population and policy makers, resulting in the crafting of clear policies and programs from the legislative and executive branches. Today adolescent mothers and their children are beneficiaries of social protection programs.

The Secretariat responded with alacrity to the call to develop Devolution Transition Plans in 2021, crafting a document that is only one of two DTPs endorsed to local governments by the DBM and the National Devolution Committee.

The Secretariat has led the creation of one regional office and an interim office in BARMM, bolstering its national presence. A new division has been organized by the Secretariat to support its responsibilities under the DTP. The Secretariat has restarted its work in Supply Chain Management in support of the national family planning program, restoring six warehouses accredited by the FDA.

In April 2022, the Chair of the POPCOM Board announced a monumental achievement five decades in the making: the societal objective of a Philippine Demographic Transition had been achieved in 2020, accompanied by unprecedented growth of the family planning program, ten years in advance of achieving it in 2030 if the program had a business as usual perspective.

In the period 2013-2022, it has not been business as usual in the POPCOM Secretariat. In one word the work of the POPCOM can only be:


Ever upward, POPCOM.


Undersecretary for Population and Development

Juan Antonio A. Perez III, MD, MPH