CY 2021

CY 2020

CY 2019

  1. Activities for the Celebration of Elderly Filipino Week
  2. Capacity Development of POPCOM Employees through In-Service Trainings or Conferences
  3. Change Management Team (CMT) Meeting
  4. Consultancy Services for the Repair and Renovation of five (5) POPCOM Regional Warehouses
  5. Development of 6-year Gender and Development Agenda 2019-2025
  6. Employee Hour
  7. Gender and Development (GAD) Assembly cum Celebration of POPCOM’s 50th Anniversary
  8. International Commitments, Conferences and Seminars
  9. Janitorial Services for POPCOM CO, NCR and Region IV Building Complex, PFWC and Premises
  10. Mid-Year Assessment and Strategic Planning
  11. Rental Expenses for Copiers
  12. Repair of Office Equipment and Furniture & Fixtures
  13. Repair, Improvement and Maintenance of Building Areas and Facilities
  14. Repair, Maintenance and Purchases of Fuels and Various Motorpool Expenses
  15. Replenishment of Supplies and Materials
  16. Scholarship Program
  17. Security Services for POPCOM CO, NCR and Region IV Building Complex, PFWC and Premises
  18. Washover or Repainting Job
  19. Wellness Program and Annual Medical Check-Up (AMC) and Hospitalization Benefits
  20. Workshops and Coaching Sessions on Enhance Human Resource System through Competency-Based
  21. Year-End Assessment and Planning Workshop CY 2019

CY 2018

  1. Participated in the Program Implementation Review (PIR) and PIR and Planning (PIRP) activities
  2. Coordinated the conduct of Bridging Leadership for the Philippine Population Management Program (BL-PPMP): Coaching/Dialogue Sessions and Colloquium (BLPPMP Recollection)
  3. Coordinated the conduct of the Orientation on the 2017 Omnibus Rules on Appointment and Other Human Resource Actions (ORAOHRA) and Workshop on the Revision of POPCOM Merit Selection Plan (MSP)
  4. Conducted the Meetings of Planning Officers IV/ARD-Designate dovetailed with the Change Management Meeting for the following concerns
  5. Facilitated the participation of selected POPCOM officials and employees to 15 In-Service Trainings/Conferences
  6. Conducted the Gender and Development (GAD) Assembly cum Moral Recovery and Spiritual Dimension
  7. Coordinated and facilitated the conduct of Participatory Gender Audit (PGA)
  8. Conducted activities on Kalalakihang Tapat sa Responsibilidad at Obligasyon sa Pamilya (KaTROPa)
  9. Facilitated and participated in the celebration of Elderly Filipino Week
  10. Coordinated and facilitated the conduct of the Drivers’ Training with this year’s topic: Emergency Response Skills Training and Empowering Moral Values
  11. Coordinated and facilitated the conduct of the Supply Officers’ Training with this year’s topic: Seminar on the Appraisal and Disposal of Government Properties (with Updates on Property and Supply Management System and RA 9184)
  12. Conducted the Workshop on the Review and Updating of POPCOM Personnel Handbook
  13. Wellness Program and Annual Medical Check (AMC) and Hospitalization Benefits
  14. Conducted Employee Hour
  15. Facilitated the conduct of the following institutional activities: a.) Mid-year Assessment and Strategic Planning, b.) Annual Recognition Program, and c.) Year-End Assessment
  16. Scholarship Program
  17. International Commitments
  18. Facilitated the transfer of funds, both allotment and cash, totaling to Four Hundred Thousand Pesos (P400,000.00) for the repairs of vehicles and/or Utilities Expenses of the four (4) Regional Offices: I, II, VII and XI
  19. Replenished of supplies and materials available at PS-DBM, and purchase of other items from outside sources thru the alternative modes of procurement
  20. Hiring of two (2) additional security personnel posted at Gate 2 of the POPCOM Family Wellness Clinic (PFWC)
  21. Hiring of one (1) additional janitorial personnel for the PFWC
  22. Repair and maintenance of POPCOM Building and Grounds
  23. Purchase of Service vehicles for Central Office and 4 Regional Offices
  24. Repair, maintenance and purchases of fuels and various motorpool expenses
  25. Purchase of system for electronic records management and data storage facility
  26. Rental expenses for copiers used for reproduction
  27. Coordinated and prepared the required documents for the approval of the following: a.) Accredited CPD Provider by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) for the five (5) professionals namely: Teachers, Social Worker, Nurse, Guidance Counselors and Midwife, b.) Creation of POPCOM Regional Office IV-B, c.) Creation of Procurement Section in Central Office
  28. Technical assistance on the issuance of certification to avail of the custom-duty exemption on the importation of contraceptives by private pharmaceutical firm

CY 2017

  1. Conducted the 2017 National Convention cum POPCOM 48th Anniversary Celebration attended by 352 POPCOM Personnel nationwide
  2. Participated in the Program Implementation Review (PIR) and PIR and Planning (PIRP) activities
  3. Inauguration of the newly-constructed POPCOM Family Wellness Clinic
  4. Conducted 3 Clusters of Training of Trainers of FLEPOWPHIL Officers and members in Mainstreaming Gender-Responsive Population Strategies (GR PopS) in the GAD Plan and Budget of the Local Government Units (LGUs)
  5. Conducted the Back-to-Back Writeshop to Enhance the Kalalakihang Tapat sa Responsibilidad at Obligasyon sa Pamily (KATROPA) Module and the Development of a Gender-Responsive Toolkit for Population with Special Needs (PSN)
  6. Production of collaterals (Corporate Jacket, Backpack and Umbrellas/GR PopS Bags and T-shirts)
  7. Facilitated the conduct of 13 In-Service Trainings/Conferences
  8. Facilitated the conduct of institutional activities
  9. Facilitated the conduct of 9 Employee Hour attended by Central Office and ROs IV and NCR employees
  10. Facilitated the conduct of Training and Workshop on Bridging Leadership for Philippine Population Management Program (BL-PPMP)
  11. Scholarship Program
  12. International Commitments
  13. Facilitated the conduct of Annual Medical Check-Up of POPCOM C.O. regular employees
  14. Facilitated the conduct of Annual Medical Check-Up of Job Order personnel
  15. Digitization of various documents and records of Records Management and Assets Management Section
  16. Facilitated the rental of four (4) brand new units of photocopying machines for reproduction and other printing requirements
  17. Supervised the continuous improvement of several parts of POPCOM building/premises
  18. Procured ISO related materials
  19. Other Accomplished Projects

CY 2015

  1. Building and Ground Maintenace
  3. Conduct of Annual Medical Checkup
  4. Conduct of Divisional Strategic Workshop
  5. Conduct of Employee Hour
  6. Conduct of Program Assessment
  7. Conduct of Workshop to attribute POPCOM Programs, Project and Activities
  8. Conduct of Workshop to Enhance the 3-Year GAD Agenda of POPCOM as input to the GAD Plan
  9. Consultative Meetings with RPO Counterparts
  10. Development of GAD Module Resource Book Gender Responsive Population Strategies (GR PopS)
  11. GAD Assembly CY 2015
  12. GAD Coordinative Meetings
  13. GAD Luzon SummitAssembly cum Administration of Revised GAD KAP Survey Questionnaire
  14. Participation to various TrainingsForaConsultative Meetings
  15. Procurement of Supplies and Materials
  16. Provision of Administrative, Technical and Legal Assistance
  17. Provision of Technical Assistance to RPOs on GAD
  18. Security and Safety Measures