DSEIS Defined

The DSEIS was developed as a means of improving the ease and speed in access and dissemination of data on population concerns. The data that are stored and may be retrieved in the DSEIS describe the state of the PPMP, as well as provide a means of evaluating the implementation of the ICPD Programme of Action in the country.

The system features the following functionalities:

a. Access mode;
b. Data/Information in the DSEIS can be accessed in three types, i.e., by year, by area (pseudo-GIS), and by sector;
c. Generates statistical reports/table, both pre-determined and ad-hoc type, i.e., data users may dictate indicators, e.g. total population of MMR or their specific disaggregation, e.g. population by five-year age groups, or by regions;
d. Respond to specific queries, e,g,, on an indicator (or group of indicators) for a specific year, even several time periods;
e. Provide a description of the indicator being queried as well as the data source;
f. Accept inputs from diskette and/or data communication transfer of related information.

Most of the data included are official statistics, which have been carefully generated by the Philippine Statistical System. Inclusion of data from unofficial sources is subjected to screening, evaluation and approval of the POPCOM Executive Staff, possibly with assistance from an inter-agency committee. POPCOM provides recognition to the rightful data sources and is willing to provide users with assistance and support for data inquiries on some characteristics of the data and its source.