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Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health

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Countdown to Gold

"POPCOM 50th Anniversary"

February 19, 2019


POPCOM recognizes LGU Tanay as best PPMP implementer

ANTIPOLO CITY, Rizal, Dec. 28 -- For the second time, Municipality of Tanay recently received an award from Commission on Population (POPCOM) Region IV last 23 November 2017, at Tagaytay City as “Best Implementer of Three Philippine Population Management Program”. 

The LGU through the Municipal Population Management Office implemented and conducted different programs and activities such as the Responsible Parenthood & Reproductive Health Program, Adolescents Health & Development Program and, Population and Development (POPDEV) Integration. 

Responsible Parenthood & Reproductive Health Program under this project are Pre Marriage Counselling (PMC) Orientation for “would be” couple; Responsible Parenting & Family Planning Orientation. The program aims to help couples, parents and individuals to achieve their desired timing, spacing and number of children and to contribute to the improvement of their maternal, neo-natal, and child health and nutrition (MNCHN) status. 

Under the Adolescents Health & Development Program the programs are Adolescents Sexuality & Reproductive Health Orientation; Adolescents Youth Skills and Talent Development (TYC) acting; Sports Development; Family Youth Camp on LPPEAHD (Parents & Adolescents Education); U4U Teen trail –Leadership Skills Training and Youth Camp Training. This aims to reduce the incidence of teenage pregnancies, early sexual involvement, early marriages and other health reproductive problems such as sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and (HIV- AIDS) among others.

The Population and Development (POPDEV) Integration under this program are men's Responsibilities on Gender and Development at Kalalakihang Tapat sa Responsibilidad at obligasyon sa Pamilya (MR GAD KATROPA); Population, Health, Environment with Livelihood Integration (PHEL) and Population and migration Information Center (MIC). It aims to contribute to the policies and the programs that will help to attain a well-managed population and well-planned families, resulting in population outcomes that facilitate sustainable socio-economic and human development. 

Furthermore, the LGU Tanay through Municipal Population Management Office received the Certificate of Appreciation for successfully piloting the project: Establishing local Migration Information System (LMIS).  

Among the regions nationwide only Tanay has a program to identify migrants coming from another country, other provinces, other municipalities within Rizal, different barangays within Tanay. The said program aims to identify measures through the conduct of survey that can be influenced to achieve the balance between urban capabilities. It also seeks the population and to direct an appropriate segment of a community to the areas where they can have access to opportunities to improve their lives and also to provide migrants with correct information in order for them to become productive residents. (PIA-Rizal/ Maylin Viray, Tanay Population Office)

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